Comments from Gute Nachrichten subscribers

I would like to write a little about myself. I grew up as a Roman Catholic in Austria, but I was what one calls a "baptismal certificate" Christian. I got my first Bible at the age of 30 from the Jehovah's Witnesses and studied the Bible with them, like they usually do. I had contact with them for years. Doubts and problems created a distance over and over again. I learned about the "New Age" movement from reading a book, and that turned my life upside down with a corresponding attitude, especially since I read some information about "channeling" on the internet. That was probably the culmination of my wayward path. At least I have realized that in the meantime and stopped all that. It is a struggle for me, because even though I know that it isn't good for me I am drawn by those things. But I don't see it as normal any longer and am battling against it every day. Now I am concentrating only on your material, and it helps me to see things "in the light" once again. Hopefully that is a foundation I can build on. I don't always have access to a PC, so I appreciate receiving your magazine and booklets by mail. I would like to donate to your organization – is that possible from Austria?

• 1210 Vienna (Austria)

Please send me your booket "God's Feast Days". You are right about Christmas not being mentioned in the Bible. But the time around the 24th of December is a feast of the spirit. It is easiest for us to make spiritual progress at this time, because Jesus comes down from the spiritual sphere into the earth's atmosphere to give the earth renewed strength and love, to breathe into us the seed of life and impart the oscillation of divine love so our soul can grow.

• 8200 Gamling (Austria)

Your 12 lesson course on faith has given me a lot of stability for my life in the faith. I thank you in advance for sending me my certificate of completion. Your course covers a lot of new and good aspects that I never heard anything about in my previous church affiliation. You answered a lot of my questions. How can I have contact with the "Vereinte Kirche Gottes" ["UCG-Germany"]? I am retired, and I want to send you a donation.

• 42289 Wuppertal (Germany)

Please send me your booklet about the Holy Days. I read your article "Case history Christmas" and am keeping my opinion as a born-again Christian that we should keep Christmas as a reminder of Jesus' birth, even if he wasn't born on December 25. Jesus liked to celebrate and I hope that he celebrates with us and that many people will find their way to Him via Christmas.

• 14913 Werbig (Germany)

Would Jesus keep Christmas? Jesus would keep any and every feast observed in love. Jesus is everywhere where love of neighbor is practiced, because Jesus is love. I keep Christmas as a festival of love and as a festival commemorating the birth of divine light on this earth. Christmas eve for me is a time to remember the divine light that God placed in every human soul and how Jesus' birth equals the awareness of each individual that he is carrying this light in himself.

• 55444 Dörrebach (Germany)

I appreciate your offer in the "Gute Nachrichten" magazine to receive your free literature. I have been a Christian for years and am a German teacher by profession. Your magazine not only helps me spiritually, but also provides an opportunity for me to improve my German.

• 34535 Postrekov (Czech Republic)

Thank you for your magazine, especially the article on depression (which afflicts me). I like your other articles and the interviews, too. I am French and was born in Strasbourg in 1945, so I can read and write German. I have a "German mentality".

• 92240 Malakoff (France)

Thank you very much for publishing your valuable magazine. I agree with all your articles that explain world events in the light of Bible prophecy. My opinion matters, as you will notice from a few details about my life. For 30 years I was a teacher, and in 1985 Bishop Lehmann paid for my additional studies in the fields of medicine and psychology. After taking my exams he assigned me to work as a pastoral counselor in Germany's largest abortion at the time. As a doctor and psychologist I was able to help prevent a number of abortions. When I retired in 1994 I entered the Benedictine order and was allowed to keep my own first name. Bishop Lehmann ordained me as a deacon. May Jesus and Mary bless your worthy efforts!

• 69483 Wald-Michelbach (Germany)

I look forward to receiving the next lessons of your Bible correspondence course. I am pleased to see people following Jesus and serving Him whole-heartedly. You are motivating me to remain faithful to the Lord, especially when it comes to being trained in doctrine. That is my biggest desire.

• 24837 Schleswig (Germany)

I received your letter telling me that my free subscription to your magazine "Gute Nachrichten" is expiring. After the initial shock I read further and pleased to see that that you are willing to continue sending me the magazine. I am very interested in spiritual articles, and for that reason I will take you up on your offer. Your magazine provides a good opportunity for my friends and relatives and me to reconsider our basic beliefs and to recognize how far along we are in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy for the end-time.

• 90522 Oberasbach (Germany)

It's about time that I send you my thoughts on your magazine "Gute Nachrichten", which I have received now for four years. I really appreciate your magazine and especially your emphasis on the Bible being the word of God. I learned a lot from your articles on the Bible and archaeology. I also like your articles that offer practical advice for daily life

• 47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn (Germany)

I am retired and not required to file an income tax return, so you do not need to send me a donation receipt for my recent donation. Thank you for your literature, which always gives me new thoughts and strengthens my trust in God and Jesus. It is a real blessing to have your material.

• 51645 Gummersbach (Germany)

Many thanks to everyone involved in providing your correspondence course for a better understanding of the Bible. I am more than satisfied, thanks! I have many questions about how the Bible should be explained, including this one: I was baptized, but after my baptism I sensed no inward spiritual change. Do I have to be baptized again? My answer is: more prayer and ask God for His holy spirit. Am I right?

• 57078 Siegen (Germany)

You cannot imagine how happy I am to have found your message. For about a year now we are on a new path, separating lies from truth. Sometimes we are quite shocked to see interpretations, teachings or doctrines upon which we have based our Christian faith. Your valuable, many faceted articles are a big help for us and a confirmation in our fight against unfounded teachings. I have ordered a few booklets via your website. Do you still have back issues from 2003? Please send me a bank transfer form, too.

• 8400 Winterthur (Switzerland)

Some time ago I ordered your correspondence course and have now taken the tests. My score on test one was 92% and on test two it was 88%. I sent the third test card in a little later and look forward to receiving my score. I have to admit that I did not look up everything on test one, but tests two and three were more difficult. Because I am interested in history it was clear to me that there were differences between the original Christianity and today's version. However, your literature has helped me to see even the smaller differences that are also important.

• 48599 Gronau (Germany)

I would like to thank you for your wonderful Bible correspondence course. At this time I am not able to make any financial contribution, which is all the more reason for me to appreciate your efforts in this materialistic world. The contemporary approach in comparing religious and political topics is appealing and informative, especially since your goal is to spread the gospel message.

• 66119 Saarbrücken (Germany)

I have been reading your magazine "Gute Nachrichten" for a while and am fascinated by the variety of topics which are covered in accurate details. Now I would like to read a few of your free booklets which I think will help me learn a few more secrets about my life.

• 01744 Dippoldiswalde (Germany)

Only now that I am a retired senior citizen do I have the time for a careful reading of your material on the theory of evolution from the 2001 September-October issue, No. 5. Your article is so sophisticated and revealing that I spent several evenings and an entire weekend on it and compared it to the SPIEGEL, No. 6 from February 2, 2004. I did not see any contradictions. It is the best thing I have ever read about the theory of Darwin and the theory of evolution. I would like to give your material to acquaintances and relatives, but I have made so many notes and underlines on the pages that I would like to request another copy from you, if possible.

• 20255 Hamburg (Germany)

I have been receiving "Gute Nachrichten" not only for months but years. I have also started your Bible course and find it very interesting. I am interested in everything about God and appreciate your instruction. I am also interested in "Intern". It appears to be an informative publication of good quality. You sent me the November 2003 issue. I would like to subscribe to "Intern" and would appreciate being sent all issues since then. Thanks, and best wishes for you and all members of the Vereinte Kirche Gottes.

• 41236 Mönchengladbach (Germany)

I read your special issue of "Intern" (January 2004) with the article "Democratic Dictatorship." I would like to receive this publication each month, if that is possible. Your articles are interesting and similar to those of another magazine. I am a subscriber of "Gute Nachrichten" which I like. But I would like to read more articles about the Bible like the ones you offer in "Intern". As a Lutheran Christian I am interested in well-researched commentaries and reports which are not often to be found with such clarity. That's the reason for my request to receive "Intern".

• 01108 Dresden (Germany)

Today I feel a need to thank you for sending me your magazine regularly. I am on the way to having more faith in God, and your magazine has its part in that. These magazines are wonderful, and I would like to receive a copy of each new booklet that you publish. My joy is great that there are still people today who write about God's word like you do. Keep up the good work with your magazine with the many different topics. God bless you!

• 15562 Rüdersdorf (Germany)