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August 27, 2012

Granddaughter Maia starts school

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Today was my granddaughter Maia's first day of school. (more…)

August 15, 2012

It was only 52 GB!

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Monica had a surprise trying to get on the internet with our wireless data card this morning. AT&T had blocked our data account! (more…)

June 18, 2012

A blast from the past

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"My name is Matz, and I was wondering if you and your family took care of a child in the Philippines in 1991?" (more…)

April 24, 2012

A Kieffer gets published

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My nephew Lon 's book on caregivers has been published and is available on amazon. (more…)

March 13, 2012

Opa at the park with Dylan

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Some beautiful weather provided Opa a chance to bond with youngest grandson Dylan. (more…)

February 27, 2012

Grandson Sean is "student of the month"

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Sean was given his elementary school’s "student of the month" award for February. (more…)

August 15, 2011

A few days at the beach

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Our daughter Rachel and her family invited us to spend a few days with them at the beach at Portofino resort near Pensacola, Florida. (more…)

July 3, 2011

Mobile garden

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Monica and her sister have a garden on the land they have cleared in Mobile right across from our house. (more…)

May 6, 2011

Boy, that was hot!

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That was my reaction after taking my son Ted’s recommendation for a sauce on my burger. (more…)

May 3, 2011

Birthday at the ballpark

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My family had the right idea for my 60th birthday. (more…)

April 28, 2011

Opa’s counseling session

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A trip to IKEA meant an opportunity for me to "counsel" my new grandson Dylan. (more…)

March 1, 2011

Dylan up close

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Son Ted’s visit to his nephew Dylan means some high-quality photos. (more…)

February 16, 2011

Grandson Sean’s Science Fair Project

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Today I visited my grandson Sean’s science fair project. (more…)

February 11, 2011

"Kiss me, I’m Irish!"

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Well, I am half-Irish, but the quote is for my grandson Dylan. (more…)

November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving with the grandkids

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Thanksgiving was an opportunity to see our children and grandchildren. (more…)

October 11, 2010

Happy birthday Gramps!

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Today is my father-in-law’s 90th birthday! (more…)

July 22, 2010

"Boy’s day" becomes "Kid’s day"

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With a third grandchild the special outing at Oma’s house needed a new name. (more…)

July 15, 2010

At the ballgame with brother Ted

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A quick trip to Indiana to visit my brother Ted provided an opportunity to go to a minor league baseball game. (more…)

June 8, 2010

Camping with the grandkids

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Time out for some serious quality time with my grand kids! (more…)

June 3, 2010

"Take me out to the ballgame"

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This time it was grandson Adrian who got his Opa out to the ballpark. (more…)

November 30, 2009

Lego challenged but mission accomplished

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My five year old grandson Adrian asked if Opa could bring a Lego castle for brother Sean. (more…)

November 24, 2009

Keeping me humble

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I have arrived in Mobile, Alabama to spend Thanksgiving with family, including daughter Rachel and her three children. Granddaughter Maia is keeping Opa humble! (more…)

June 28, 2009

Goodbye to Wooley Road

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Our grandchildren’s visit to Oma’s house in Mobile is over for this summer. (more…)

June 23, 2009

Grandson Adrian and Turtles

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My grandson Adrian has a thing about turtles. (more…)

June 19, 2009

"I listened to my brain"

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We had an interesting theological discussion with our grandsons today. (more…)

June 17, 2009

Cheap entertainment

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Oma and Opa don’t have exciting electronic games at their house in Mobile. (more…)

June 12, 2009

"Mom doesn’t have whiskers"

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That was my grandson Sean’s answer to my question this evening about whether he missed his mom. (more…)

May 6, 2009

My grandson Thomas Edison

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Actually my oldest grandson’s name is Sean, not Thomas Edison. But for part of one day he was Thomas. (more…)

March 17, 2009

The luck of the Irish (2)

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Granddaughter Maia had her 2nd birthday today, on St. Patrick’s day. (more…)

January 15, 2009

"All clear" for now

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Our daughter Rachel has been given an "all clear" on her health following post operation examinations. (more…)

December 8, 2008

"Let your light shine!"

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That’s the thought that crossed my mind today when I heard about daughter Rachel’s upcoming radioactive iodine treatment. (more…)

November 28, 2008

Opa gets a workout

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My babysitting became more challenging today when granddaughter Maia decided she wanted to go on the trampoline with her brother. (more…)

November 25, 2008

Opa at the park

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With Rachel now home, Opa has the job of taking the grandkids to the nearby park in the afternoon. (more…)

November 23, 2008

Mommy comes home from the hospital

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Our daughter Rachel was discharged yesterday at noon, and she is glad to be back home. (more…)

November 21, 2008

Opa is not Mommy

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With Rachel in the hospital, Opa (me) is looking after granddaughter Maia in the morning. (more…)

November 19, 2008

Waiting for Rachel

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It was the same time of year 30 years ago when we waited for Rachel – to be born. 30 years later we waited for her today to come out of cancer surgery. (more…)

July 25, 2008

My other grandson

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After writing last time about my oldest grandson, his younger brother deserves equal time. (more…)

July 18, 2008

A handsome young fellow

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When you first see a boy just days after his birth, it is hard to imagine what he will look like later. That’s the way it was with my grandson Sean. (more…)

July 11, 2008

Opa and Maia

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Slowly but surely I am making progress with my granddaughter Maia. (more…)

April 20, 2008

Future class clown?

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At the age of 13 months, granddaughter Maia already seems to know what a camera is. (more…)

April 3, 2008

No incognito for "Flat Stanley"

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The day before my flight back to Germany I received an unusual letter from my grandson Sean. He sent me "Flat Stanley" who was to accompany me on my trip. (more…)

December 9, 2007

"Go, granny, go!"

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She isn’t the "little old lady from Pasadena," and she wasn’t driving a fast car down Colorado Boulevard. Instead, Oma Monica ran the Dallas White Rock half marathon today. (more…)

November 13, 2007

Who looks like who?

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I guess that’s correct grammar. That’s the question when my brother Ted comes for a visit. (more…)

October 20, 2007

Kieffer the Speaker

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This is not an autobiographical post. Instead, it is about my nephew Lon Kieffer. (more…)

July 4, 2007

"I can do this!"

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That seems to be an appropriate comment while watching granddaughter Maia wanting to reach out and grab something. (more…)

June 30, 2007

Opa and "baby" Maia

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It’s back to Dallas for some time with our children, our two grandsons and our newest grandchild. (more…)

March 27, 2007

Reading to baby sister

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Grandson Sean now has someone to test his reading skills on. (more…)

March 18, 2007

The luck of the Irish

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Some weeks ago my grandson Sean predicted that his mom would have her baby on March 17th. (more…)

March 15, 2007

A long way from Großburgwedel

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25 years ago we moved to Großburgwedel, which is a small town on the A7 Autobahn about 15 miles north of Hannover. Our children really liked Großburgwedel, especially the large furniture store near the Autobahn exit. (more…)

March 13, 2007

A well-rounded child

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Only one of our two children is "well-rounded." We aren’t disappointed, though. (more…)

March 1, 2007

Grandson Adrian turns 3

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Our grandson Adrian had his third birthday today. (more…)

August 15, 2006

First day of school

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Grandson Sean had his first day of "school" yesterday. (more…)

August 13, 2006

Organized chaos

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That’s the description that came to mind when I watched grandson Sean’s T-ball practice. (more…)

March 13, 2006

The Golden Rule (sort of)

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When you have a younger – and smaller – brother it can be helpful to realize that he might not always be smaller. (more…)

December 1, 2005

Like Opa, like grandson

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Getting a grandson to eat can be a challenge. Sometimes you have to lead by example. (more…)

November 29, 2005

Part-time cabinet maker

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Need a new cabinet but can’t find one you like? Why not try making your own? That’s what Monica did in Mobile. (more…)

September 27, 2005

"Hey, mom, there are 2 of me!"

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At age 4, grandson Sean has started playing soccer. He is on a team of 4 year olds in a league of six teams. His first game was quite an experience for him – and those who watched him! (more…)

August 21, 2005

Goggling to success

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No, that’s not a typo. It isn’t supposed to say "google" – the reference is to "goggles", as in the kind you wear when you go swimming. They saved the day for grandson Sean. (more…)

June 3, 2005

Identity Crisis?

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The youngest human in my daughter Rachel’s family is my 2nd grandson Adrian, who is one year old. The youngest animal is Sam, a 3 month old puppy. Sam has been part of the household for about one month, and he is already having a big influence on Adrian. (more…)

May 31, 2005

"Take me out to the ball game!"

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Opa had a chance to take grandson Sean to a ball game, continuing a family tradition of three generations. (more…)

May 22, 2005

Grandkids are great!

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When my daughter Rachel gave birth to her first child in 2001 about six weeks prior to my 50th birthday, a friend in Germany said, "You are a young grandpa." Well, actually I am a young "Opa", the German nickname for grandfather. (more…)

May 10, 2005

My grandson Sean and trains

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To paraphrase an idiomatic expression, the last two days I have been "on the rail" visiting church members. Whenever possible, my means of transportation is the train, which enables me to make good use of my time. (Whether writing for my blog while on the train is a good use of time is another matter.) Yesterday the speed display on one ICE train I took inched up to 302 kmh (189 mph). Not bad, I thought – my grandson Sean would really like this! (more…)

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