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January 4, 2012

A new house after Katrina

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My sister-in-law is making sure that another Katrina won’t affect her new house. (more…)

August 4, 2011

Removing a tree stump

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This view is not the usual one when removing a tree stump. (more…)

March 30, 2008

Chalk another house up to Katrina

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In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina put four feet of water in our neighbor’s house, owned by Monica’s sister. The house has since been demolished. (more…)

July 28, 2006

A new woodshed

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We used to store our wood in the basement. Then Katrina paid us a visit. (more…)

July 25, 2006

One man chain saw crew

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The Katrina clean-up continues in segments. Now it’s time to get rid of the last of the trees that Katrina knocked over. (more…)

March 4, 2006

New windows – courtesy of Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina left us with two smashed windows on the east side of the house. So why not just replace them all? (more…)

December 16, 2005

A new roof after Katrina

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Cleaning up at the house in Mobile after Katrina is now about 95 percent finished. One major job was completed right after the Thanksgiving holiday – the repair of our roof. (more…)

September 13, 2005

"Donated by Anheuser-Busch"

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The name "Anheuser-Busch" is familiar to anyone like me who grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. And not just for beer. (more…)

September 12, 2005

Piles of trash

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The devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina in Mobile is visible by the piles of trash in Mobile at the side of streets all over town. (more…)

September 5, 2005

Back to normal (well, almost)

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In a society where everything is dependent on electricity, you sure notice the difference when your power has been off a few days. (more…)

September 3, 2005

Forget FEMA – let Wal*Mart do it!

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has come under fire for the delayed response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. My suggestion: let Wal*Mart do it! (more…)

September 2, 2005

Gas lines and the "Wichita linemen"

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The past couple of days you would have needed some patience if you wanted to get some gas around here. This evening we had some welcome visitors from Kansas. (more…)

September 1, 2005

A house full of bugs

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When you have a flood, everything that does not survive in water looks for higher ground. Including bugs – all kinds of them. (more…)

August 30, 2005

Good riddance Katrina!

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Hurricane Katrina has come and gone, but her effects will be felt in Mobile and elsewhere on the Gulf Coast for a long time. (more…)

August 29, 2005

Hello Katrina! – Monday, 1:00 p.m.

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The wind has shifted and now is coming from the south, instead of east/southeast. Apparently Katrina has reached landfall a 2nd time on the Mississippi coast. (more…)

Hello Katrina! – Monday, 9:30 a.m.

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After several brief power outages, we lost electric power completely at 7:30 a.m. Downtown Mobile has flooded. (more…)

Hello Katrina! – Monday, 5 a.m.

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After a restless night we are up to hear the wind whipping around outside. The lights flickered once but stayed on so far. (more…)

August 28, 2005

Hello Katrina! – Sunday, 4 p.m.

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Part of the procedure in preparing for a hurricane is to anticipate the potential damage. That means getting our basement ready for a flood surge. (more…)

Hello Katrina! – Sunday, 10 a.m.

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I missed meeting Ivan last year by one week. At the beginning of July I missed Dennis by 24 hours. It looks like I picked a dandy for my first Gulf Coast hurricane, Katrina. (more…)

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