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September 24, 2006

Trumpets in Venlo

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The Dutch city of Venlo, just on the Dutch side of the border with Germany, was the location for yesterday’s combined service on the Feast of Trumpets.

The UCG-Holland congregation met with the Trumpet services in Venlo UCG-Germany congregation from Dormagen at the Hotel Venlo. The Dutch were gracious enough to have most of the service conducted in German, with several people in attendance listening to a simultaneous translation into English. Wim Dekker, who speaks his native language of Dutch as well as English and German, was the songleader. The attendance was 78. Following services the group enjoyed a buffet lunch together in a private dining room at the hotel. The fellowshipping continued until about 5 p.m., when everyone started the journey home. A few of the Dutch people had a two hour drive, and one member from Germany had a 3 hour trip home.

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