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March 13, 2007

A well-rounded child

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Only one of our two children is "well-rounded." We aren’t disappointed, though.

We traveled to Texas yesterday to be with our daughter Rachel, her husband Eric Monica and Rachel and our two grandchildren Sean and Adrian, who are 6 and 3 years old. Rachel is expecting her third child, and the due date was yesterday. As of today she is overdue, as least as far as those predictions go. As you can see, Rachel is now rather well-rounded. Viewed this way, we aren’t disappointed that son Ted is not similarly well-rounded. :-)

Opa and Oma will be here the next two weeks to help out with the household chores and look after Sean and Adrian, including taking them out of the house when the baby arrives (Rachel is having a home delivery). The boys both packed a little suitcase in case we have to go at night, so it is an exciting time for them, too. Sean is out of school this week for this spring break, so Opa gets plenty of opportunity to be whatever superhero Sean wants him to be. Usually I am Batman, but today Sean decided he would be Batman, so I got to be Robin for a change. We also spent some time looking at Sean’s superhero ABC book, with Sean acting out the superhero alphabet with guys like the "Odor Officer" who polices stenches and "Volcano Man" who regurgitates lava on the bad guys. There has obviously been some superhero inflation since I was six years old.

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