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March 27, 2007

Reading to baby sister

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Grandson Sean now has someone to test his reading skills on.

Sean’s news baby sister Maia Sean reading to Maia listens very patiently while he reads to her from his books. Sometimes Sean’s brother Adrian isn’t so eager to hear his brother reading, but little Maia doesn’t seem to mind. Especially since she can’t do much anything else during her alert times. Even though Sean is only in Kindergarten ("Vorschule"), he is reading at a 2nd grade level. However, Maia doesn’t realize that. She just listens. Which is good, because Sean has lots of books and it may take a while for him to read all of them to his baby sister. Opa has a book about President Lincoln that his mom bought for him some 47 years ago, and the next time Sean visits us in Mobile, Opa is going to give Sean that book. More reading material for Sean to share with Maia!

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