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April 9, 2007

Last Day of Unleavened Bread

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My trip from Berlin to Hamburg went well. Meanwhile we had a guest at services in Dormagen.

My train departed from the Berlin-Spandau station at 8:31 a.m. on Monday morning. Hamburg train station The trip lasted one hour forty-five minutes and was uneventful, except for the fact that the train was full, since people were traveling home after the long Easter weekend. The conductor was again gracious and did not require me to pay extra for not having my half-price "Bahncard" with me. Upon arriving at the Hamburg station (with my train in the picture), I waited for 20 minutes since I was expecting to meet someone for breakfast. Afterwards I proceeded to the hall for our services at 1 p.m. We were a small group of nine people.

On my nearly five hour train trip from Hamburg back to Bonn David Treybig with Jako and Erik Kasper I also again had the good fortune to have a considerate conductor who let me off without having to pay extra. One of them said, "Because it’s Easter weekend!" Meanwhile, at our service in Dormagen we had a guest from London, David Treybig. David is on a two-year work assignment in London and was in nearby Cologne for some business. Cologne is only about ten miles south of Dormagen. Our translators Jako and Erik Kasper helped him understand the afternoon sermon given by UCG-Germany elder Kurt Schmitz, who preached his message in German.

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