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May 5, 2007

Dutch Spokesman Club

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We recently had another session of our Dutch Spokesman Club, which was started by our Dutch members themselves.

The club is Dutch Spokesman Club based on the old WCG Spokesman Club, and the men meet every couple of months on a Wednesday evening. The latest meeting was on April 25th in Maarn, just east of Utrecht. There were four guests from the United States present, so the entire club was conducted in English (normally club sessions are entirely in Dutch). There was a table topics session and after the break three speeches, all of which were given as sermonettes. The idea for the club came from our members, UCG-Holland treasurer Marcos Rosales in particular. The fellows are enthusiastic about the opportunity, and we want to expand the club to include the UCG Family Club format for those who want to particpate on that basis. The club meetings will then be held on the Sabbath, after regular services.

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