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June 30, 2007

Opa and "baby" Maia

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It’s back to Dallas for some time with our children, our two grandsons and our newest grandchild.

Our grandchildren Sean and Adrian have a three month old Opa and granddaughter Maia sister named Maia. They call her "baby Maia" as if "baby" were a title or there were others in the family named Maia, so "baby" Maia needs some distinguishing attribute so everyone will know who she is. Opa and Maia have been having some conversations – well, sort of. Maia makes some sounds at Opa and Opa makes them back. Meaningful conversation for a three month old, and perhaps for Opa, too. Maia grins a lot and reminds us of her mother at that age. She doesn’t fuss much and seems to endure her two brothers constantly poking their faces into hers and calling her by her name and family "title". Using Opa’s camera, grandson Sean took this picture of Opa and "baby Maia" during one of their frequent counseling sessions. :-)

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