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July 4, 2007

"I can do this!"

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That seems to be an appropriate comment while watching granddaughter Maia wanting to reach out and grab something.

In two weeks Maia in her seat our granddaughter Maia will be four months old. When you observe her in her carseat it is obvious that she wants to reach out and grab those colorful rings that are dangling right in front of her. As all babies do, she sometimes grabs one of them by accident, but she is not quite to that stage yet where she has learned that with arm movement coordinated with what she sees she can reach out and grasp those bright objects within reach. But it won’t be long now before she does, maybe just another week or two is all she needs. In the meantime we help her out by giving her something like one of the rings that she has had in focus for several minutes, so she doesn’t get frustrated. She recognizes our voices and follows us around the room when she hears us. It will be another four months before I see her again, and by then Maia will be crawling and making the floor unsafe for any forgotten objects like her brothers’ toys. :-)

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