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August 4, 2007

"Some like it hot"

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The old movie title is an appropriate description for my "job" late Sabbath afternoon at the conclusion of our children’s summer camp.

For the fourth time UCOG co-sponsored a children’s Paul Kieffer at grill summer camp near Bielefeld, Germany. This year we had 12 children and 5 adult staff at the camp, which took place at the "Naturfreundehaus" just outside the small town of Oerlinghausen. On the Sabbath – which is the last full day of camp – we have a church service with our small Bielefeld congregation, which actually never meets in Bielefeld. The parents of the campers attend as well, since some of them go home in the evening instead of the next day, which is the official departure day. Following the church service and the presentation of a certificate of participation to each camper, we first have coffee and cake for everyone, which is a German mid-afternoon tradition. Then a couple of hours later we fire up the grill for barbecued chicken and sausages. This year it seemed for the first time that we had a really sunny day for the afternoon church service and activity. We also got the grill going better than it previous years by using several pieces of paraffin wax to light the charcoal in different places. It did not take very long for the grill to get really hot. In fact, we had it too hot at the start and had to raise the grill a bit to keep from burning the first pieces of marinated chicken we put on the grill. The sausages cooked really quickly, too. After the first batch was finished the group of 35 were all content for a while, but then we had a request for more sausages. Usually I do the grill work until everyone has something to eat, then one of the other fellows takes my place and wishes me an appropriate "Guten Appetit!"

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