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August 26, 2007

Visit to the Swiss Jura

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Today’s trip took me from Wattwil to Biel and then to Moutier before my drive back to Bonn.

After having brunch with Jolanda Betschart and her son Kai, Verana Betschart und Emmy Krieg, I drove to Biel to see Wahlen family Isabelle Adcock and her sons Pierre and Philippe. I had accompanied Pierre to the UK summer camp just four weeks earlier. After lunch we drove to Moutier in the Swiss Jura region where the dominant language is French. It is interesting to see the signs change languages as you move from the German-language area into the French region. In Moutier we visited Isabelle’s parents, Fred and Marti Wahlen. I baptized them 30 years ago. They had some French-speaking visitors when we arrived, so it was an opportunity to use my dormant French knowledge. From Moutier I drove on through the Jura region to Basel, and from there it was about a five hour drive back to Bonn.

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