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September 25, 2007

A visit on the way to the Feast

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On my drive from Bonn to Schluchsee I stopped by to see Elisabeth and Alois Drosdek. They won’t be able to attend the Feast with us this year.

The Drosdeks live in Landau, about half way for me on my drive. Right after returning home from the Feast last year, Elisabeth and Alois Drosdek Mrs. Drosdek suffered total heart failure. Her husband rushed her to the hospital in Landau, and she was not breathing by the time he arrived there. She was revived, and at first the doctors thought she would never recover mentally. In what now seems to be like a miracle, she regained consciousness a few days later and started talking with her relatives. However, the experience affected her sense of balance, so she now walks with a walker. Mrs. Drosdek had cancer surgery several years ago, and during treatment last May it was discovered that she now has bone cancer. She is now receiving treatment for that. With her difficulty walking, she and her husband felt it was best for them to stay at home this year, the first time in over 20 years that they have missed the feast. They will be in our thoughts as we meet in Schluchsee.

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