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September 29, 2007

Our member from Armenia

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This year Mnazakan Poghossjan is again our special guest at the Feast of Tabernacles in Schluchsee.

Thanks to generous donations from abroad, the only member of the United Church of God Mnazakan Poghossjan in Armenia, Mnazakan Poghossjan, is able to attend the Feast in Schluchsee. He is a German teacher by profession, but currently out of work. There are three institutions of higher learning in Mnazakan’s home town of Gyumri, and he has taught at all of them but lost his job over various issues like his refusal to accept bribes from students in exchange for a good grade. When the fall semester started this year, he had a teaching position as an instructor of religion. One of the first questions he was asked by a student was about the Bible’s teaching on clean and unclean meats. The parents of the student were so upset with Mnazakan’s answer that they asked the school why someone from a sect is teaching religion in Armenia, where the Armenian orthodox church is the major religion. At lunch today we considered other employment possibilities for Mnazakan, and we hope to help him get established in some other line of work.

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