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September 30, 2007

Translating at the Feast

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Sermons at our Schluchsee feast site are given in English or German, and the message is then translated into the other language.

With a number of international guests who do not speak German, Paul Kieffer translating it is important for us to provide a good simultaneous translation into English. We translate into German when the message is given in English. I do this job basically only at the Feast, so the first time it is a bit of an adjustment, but after the first assignment it goes fairly well. We "transmit" the translation on the normal FM band on a frequency that is assigned by a regulatory agency of the federal government. Jesmina Allaoua is also one of our main translators, and this year we had three younger German fellows help out with sermonettes. Next year we will translate simultaneously into two languages [English and German] a couple of times during the Feast, as we will add Dutch to the languages used for delivering sermons. Schluchsee is also the official Feast site for UCG-Holland. Up to now our Dutch speakers have delivered their messages either in German or English.

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