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November 3, 2007

"Tearing down walls . . ."

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With the European Union removing intra-European borders, it was about time for a visit to a Church of God congegation only 45 minutes from Germany.

That’s what UCG-Germany member Jesmina Allaoua did today Liege congregation when she visited a Church of God congregation in Liège, Belgium, about 45 minutes from the German-Belgian border near Aachen. Services were conducted in French, so the local members were obviously fluent in French. Jesmina speaks French herself, which helped in tearing down the wall of separation that at times seems to exist between believers from different language groups or different organizations. Jesmina was welcomed warmly by elder Rees Ellis and the 25 people in attendance. The sermon was about the apostle Paul’s letter to the Corinthians and his exhortation not to be "of Peter" or "of Paul" or some other elder. After services Jesmina was surprised to find herself conversing in French about the work in Germany, the challenges facing young people and singles and other subjects that showed the common interests that Church of God brethren have no matter where they live.

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