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November 13, 2007

Who looks like who?

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I guess that’s correct grammar. That’s the question when my brother Ted comes for a visit.

My brother Ted is the second of eight children (I am the fifth of eight). Brother Ted Ted is 13 years older than I. When I was younger, people said I looked a lot like him. Because of our age difference, he was a brother I looked up to when I was a little boy. He did interesting things like try to feed me a bowl of chili when I was 2 years old (that’s the story my mom told, anyway). He took me fishing once when I was five, and I fell in the river so he had to drag me out. Monica and I named our son after him. Ted is now retired from his job as a federal labor mediator and lives in South Bend, Indiana. He and his wife Sandy usually spend a good part of the winter in Arizona. He visited us last week in Mobile as part of a trip to visit his son Mike, who lives in Alabama in the middle of the state. Since Ted arrived earlier than I did, I guess it is proper to say that I look like him.

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