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January 20, 2008

Real "high speed" internet

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Sure, you’ve got DSL or some other high speed internet service. But how about "high speed" internet – on a train traveling 180 mph?

I had heard about the Deutsche Bahn ["German Rail"] plan to provideDeutsche Bahn high speed internet internet service on selected ICE trains using T-Mobile as a provider. Last weekend was my chance, since I noticed the "hot spot" sign near the door of the car where I had my seat reservation. This experimental service was offered between Cologne and Dortmund on the train I took from Bonn to Hamburg for Sabbath services. The connection was pretty good with a network connection of 11 Mbps. Not bad while you are rolling down the rails at high speed! The service may be extended to other routes. You just have to be a T-Mobile customer (which I am) or buy the service online. I hope they get the service in place for all ICE trains throughout Germany, which would be a help to me in my work as I travel on the train quite a bit.

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