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February 9, 2008

Guest speaker in Dormagen

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I speak regularly in the Netherlands, so it was time for a guest from the Netherlands to visit our Dormagen congregation.

UCG-Holland National Council member Marcos Rosales visited the Dormagen Marcos Rosales in Dormagen congregation today. He was accompanied by two of his children. Marcos attended last year’s Feast of Tabernacles in Jordan, so part of his message was a Powerpoint presentation on the sites he visited during the Feast, including Petra. His message was well received by the Dormagen congregation. Marcos gave his presentation in English, and we provided a simultaneous translation (Jesmina Allaoua did the translation) into German for those members who do not understand English well. Marcos told me once that he likes to drive on the autobahn in Germany, since we don’t have a speed limit for most of the autobahn. So his visit today was not only an opportunity to share his experience at last year’s Feast with our members, but also a chance to test his car’s ability between the Dutch-German border and Dormagen. :-)

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