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March 24, 2008

Unsprung spring

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The calendar says that spring is here. Maybe we are on a time delay in Troisdorf.

My new neighbors snow in Troisdorf sent me a photo of their back yard today. It doesn’t look a whole lot like spring in my neighborhood. In fact, it snowed about 2-3 inches today – a holiday. (The Monday after Easter Sunday is a holiday in Germany.) A late snow is really not unusual. Easter was early this year, and Easter often has people thinking of spring and warmer weather. It’s on the way, it has just been delayed a bit. The day off provided an opportunity for children to throw a few snowballs and attempt to build a snowman. They have to make use of the opportunity, because the snow won’t last more than a day. Since my report on moving to my new apartment, my old landlord has refunded our security deposit (minus last year’s extra costs for heating). That means that after 13 1/2 years in our old apartment, we are now officially finished there and I can start shredding old utility statements.

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