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April 3, 2008

No incognito for "Flat Stanley"

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The day before my flight back to Germany I received an unusual letter from my grandson Sean. He sent me "Flat Stanley" who was to accompany me on my trip.

I had never heard of "Flat Stanley", but then again, Flat Stanley I haven’t been in the first grade for 50 years. "Flat Stanley" is a little fellow that Sean cut out and colored. To help the children learn about other places – I think – they are asked to have someone take their "Flat Stanley" with them on a trip. So "Flat Stanley" accompanied me to Germany on the plane. When I took his picture at my assigned seat, the lady across the aisle asked: "Is that Flat Stanley?" It seems she has a nephew who has her take his "Flat Stanley" on trips, too. (I think she was a flight attendant en route to an assignment.) So Stanley could not even travel with me without being recognized. Upon arrival in Germany, I mailed Sean’s "Flat Stanley" back to him and emailed him the photos of Stanley’s adventure with me. He’ll have something to tell his class this next week!

Comment from Mary Ann Bates:

I’ve learned all about Flat Stanley with my second grade class this year, too. The pictures they brought back had Flat Stanley at the Dead Sea, Aqaba, Petra, and Dubai.

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