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May 4, 2008

Typesetting Dutch

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Not being fluent in Dutch makes typesetting a Dutch booklet a bit of a challenge. But with help from members in the Netherlands, we get the job done.

We just finished the typesetting for the newest US Dutch booklet Dutch booklet, "The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy". Dutch is somewhat similar to German and I can usually make out what is being said. But that is a long way from being able to do copyfitting when you are getting ready to go to press. So our Dutch members help. Actually they helped translate and proofread the entire booklet on a volunteer basis. When it came time for the final editing, Marcos Rosales and I exchanged the file several times. (We both use QuarkPassport version 7.31 for our Dutch publications.) Marcos had pulled the text in for me, and I had done the final typesetting and prepared the graphics. Then the final proofreading was ready to be done. So Marcos sent me an Excel file with all the page references and the text that needed to be edited on each page. I just worked my way through each line, making the corrections and putting an "X" in the column on the right so I knew what I had done. The Excel file gave Marcos a chance to check my work when I was finished entering all the edits. Perhaps not the most elegant way to typeset, but very "do-able" in our internet age.

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