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June 3, 2005

Identity Crisis?

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The youngest human in my daughter Rachel’s family is my 2nd grandson Adrian, who is one year old. The youngest animal is Sam, a 3 month old puppy. Sam has been part of the household for about one month, and he is already having a big influence on Adrian.

In fact, it seems that Adrian might be confused about things that Adrian and Sam have been designed or purchased for Sam with his toys. Take the cut through the exterior wall in the playroom, which is supposed to be how Sam gets out of the house easily to – well, you know, do his job in the yard. Works pretty well, except when Adrian is blocking the way since he now seems to think that it is his door, too. Understandable, I guess, since he does fit through the door. At least for now, anyway.

Or Sam’s cage in the living room, a metal enclosure where Sam sleeps for the night. When Sam isn’t in his cage and the door is left open, more than likely Adrian will crawl in there and start playing – with Sam’s chow dish.

At the rate Adrian is growing, though, this "identity crisis" won’t last long. In a few months he won’t fit through the dog door or into Sam’s cage anymore! :-)

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