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June 11, 2008

Would you do this?

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I could hardly believe it. The greenhouse next to our office is being torn down. That was no surprise, since there has been talk for months of having a discount food store moving in. The way it was being done was questionable.

On a hot (for German standards) summer day a small crew of 4 men tearing down greenhouse showed up to dismantle the greenhouse on the property next to the building where our office is located. The first thing they had to do was break out all of the glass panels and remove the glass. They started by putting down old rugs and blankets on the floor of the structure. Then, using long metal poles, they began smashing the glass panels. But without hardhats, work boots or even shirts as they worked in the hot sun. Yesterday I got a picture of one of the fellows working on the roof. If the fellow in the picture had lost his footing, he would have landed on a pile of broken glass. He did not seem concerned about glass splinters flying around as he smashed the glass. I wonder if some of the people who saw how the job was being done complained. Today they showed up with hardhats to continue their work.

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