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July 6, 2008

Hitler loses his head

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Hitler has been back in Berlin, at least at Madame Tussauds wax museum. But not for long.

Hitler had been on display for several Hitler weeks at the wax museum in the "Unter den Linden" street, which leads to the Brandenburg Gate. Hitler’s being put on display drew a lot of criticism. He was depicted as he would have looked near the end of the war, sitting at a desk in the underground "Füherbunker" in Berlin. The image was a bit grim looking, certainly nothing heroic. It took 20 people about four months to complete the wax figure and the display. The area where Hitler was on display was roped off so museum visitors could not get next to the "Führer" and have their picture taken. However, today a visitor overpowered the guard on duty and cut Hitler’s head off. The 41 year old Berliner said initially that it bothered him that Hitler was on display so close to the Holocaust memorial. Later it appeared that the fellow had apparently done it as part of a bet and not because of any special protest. After "wax surgery" the Führer will be put on display again. Maybe it’s a thing Berliners have about Hitler. A figure of Hitler has been on display over 50 years in Hamburg with no incidents.

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