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July 25, 2008

My other grandson

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After writing last time about my oldest grandson, his younger brother deserves equal time.

Adrian was born in March 2004 and is three years younger than his older brother. Grandson Adrian That’s the age difference with our two children, and a good one – the older one can do some things by himself when the younger one is born. But the older one has to be patient for the younger sibling to play with him. That’s the way it was with Ted and Adrian’s mom Rachel, and that’s the way it was with Adrian and his brother Sean. Now, however, they play well together – so well, in fact, that sometimes they would rather play together in their room than play with Opa or Oma. That’s ok, too, since we sometimes need a short break from our energetic grandkids. Adrian is kind of a bruiser. He likes to wrestle and I wonder if isn’t going to be a football player some day (something his Opa wasn’t). Adrian has phases where he gets totally fascinated by some toy and doesn’t want to play with anything else. For a while it was trains, then it was Star Wars people. That makes it easy for his mom, because all she needs to do is threaten to take away that particular toy if Adrian is misbehaving. Adrian seems to have a face shape like his dad’s mom. When we play superheroes, he gets to be Robin, the boy wonder. As the younger sibling, he doesn’t get to be Batman, but he doesn’t seem to mind that much.

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