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August 23, 2008

A visitor from Belgium

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We had a special visitor at this weekend’s activity in the Netherlands for young adults.

Of course, the young people themselves were special visitors – Rees Ellis and Paul Kieffer 17 of them from 6 different countries. They spent four days together, with various activities and daily Bible studies. But our special guest at today’s Sabbath service was from Belgium, Rees Ellis. We had hoped that some of the young people in the congregations where Rees serves would be able to make it for the weekend activity, but by the time we gave them notice they already had other plans. So Rees came over for today’s interactive Bible Study and the church service, followed by some light snacks. Our service location was near Rotterdam, so that meant about a three hour drive for Rees. The young people and members appreciated seeing him, as some of them know him. Rees and I talked about his group hosting some kind of combined young people’s activity sometime next year.

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