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September 16, 2008

Beer brewhaha

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Bavarians must have a higher tolerance for beer. Or maybe they are getting a bad deal when they order a beer.

The governor the German federal state of Bavaria, Günter Beckstein, got himself into hot water – or perhaps cold frothy beer – today with a quip about drinking and driving. German beer and driving With Munich’s famous Oktoberfest looming on the horizon, Beckstein said that it was okay to drink one "Maß" of beer – that is a one liter mug of beer – and then drive your car. He even added that drinking two "Maß" would probably be okay. That’s half a gallon of beer. With the legal alcohol limit at 0.05 percent blood alcohol, a medium size beer is enough in some cases to put you at the limit. One blog writer quipped in response to Beckstein’s comments: "Carry me to my car, I’ll drive you home." When spokesmen for the police union complained over the governor’s comments, he made an attempt at damage control by saying that the "Maß" mugs usually were only half-full. No wonder the beer vendors at the Oktoberfest earn so much!

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