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September 18, 2008

Another radio interview

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This is getting to be a habit!

I received another request for a radio interview, and the interview took place this morning via telephone. I was interviewed on "Radio Corax", an FM radio station in the city of Halle (population: 235,000) in eastern Germany. The interview lasted about ten minutes and was on the subject of hurricanes in the United States.

The interview was the result of "Hurricane Ike" in the USA and some articles on natural disasters on our German "Gute Nachrichten" website that "Radio Corax" researchers found using internet search engines. The fellow who interviewed me originally asked if he could interview the author of one of those articles, but when I told him that the author did not speak German and that I had experienced hurricane Katrina, he wanted to interview me. Among the questions asked were ones about how well government agencies responded to hurricane "Ike" and why there is so much damage caused by these storms.

This interview was easier than the one two weeks ago, since the subject was not religion. However, I did get in a plug for our "Gute Nachrichten" magazine when the interviewer asked me who I was and what I did. If nothing else, the interview was good practice and reminded me a bit of current events questions in a table topics session from our old "Spokeman Club" format.

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