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October 19, 2008

Feast of Tabernacles 2008, Day 6

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The only member of the United Church of God in Armenia is again keeping the Feast with us in Schluchsee.

Mnazakan Poghossjan is our only member in Armenia. He speaks fluent German, along with Russian and his native language of Armenian. Schluchsee Feast site Mnazakan found out about United through his friend Albert Wilhelm (on the left in the photo), with whom he has been friends for some 15 years. Albert has been a UCG-Germany member for about 9 years now. Members from the United States contributed funds so Mnazakan could travel to Germany as an invited guest of UCG-Germany. Our invitation made it much easier for him to get his visa at the German embassy in Armenia. Mnazakan is currently unemployed, having lost his job as a German teacher over his refusal to accept bribes from students so they could get better grades. We are currently looking for alternative employment opportunities for him in Armenia. One interesting item from the Feast is that Mnazakan is able to communicate with the Sulcs family from Latvia via Russian, since the parents both speak Russian but they do not speak German, and Mnazakan does not speak English.

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