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November 19, 2008

Waiting for Rachel

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It was the same time of year 30 years ago when we waited for Rachel – to be born. 30 years later we waited for her today to come out of cancer surgery.

Rachel has thyroid cancer. She has known for seven years that she has a problem, but an initial examination back then Rachel after surgery did not reveal any big problem. But this summer and fall she learned that she does indeed have a problem. So she was scheduled for surgery today at Presbyterian Plano Hospital. We were told that her surgery would last perhaps 3 hours, so as the day dragged on with no Rachel in sight we wondered what was happening. It was quite a family gathering in the waiting area: Monica and I, Rachel’s husband Eric, Eric’s mom, dad, stepmom, grandmother, etc. Finally after a 5.5 hour operation we had a post-surgery briefing by the surgeon, who had worn a Spiderman skull cap during surgery (our grandson Sean would have liked that!). The thyroid was removed and some 30 lymph nodes on the right side of her neck. The doctor was confident that " they got it all." That was good news for everyone "waiting for Rachel."

Comment from Ruth Root:

Paul, I heard about Rachel. I’m shocked and will be thinking of her.

Comment from Tony Antonacci:

I just heard that Rachel had cancer and I’m very sorry to hear this. My wife, Heather and will keeping her, and all of her family in our prayers. I hope that all is well with you and Monica as well! (I went to AC with Ted and lived in Dallas for 10 years. Ted helped me get my first job. He’s a great guy.)

Comment from Erik and Jamie de Moei:

We will be praying for your daughter Rachel, and strength for you all in this difficult time. Our thoughts are with you all and all your families.

Comment from Meghan Kieffer:

Oh my, so young. I am thankful Rachel has such great family support . . . my heart goes out to you. Be strong!

Comment from Lon Kieffer:

Uncle Paul, the one insight that I can share as a [cancer] survivor is this: Rachel will worry more about "the family" than she will about herself. If it is of any value I can share that seeing my family return to normal and responding to my expressed needs rather than reacting to my percieved needs was the greatest therapy. I speak to a lot of survivor groups and many, many times I have folks approach me and tell me of the "blessing of cancer." Perhaps a premature commentary but that perspective is out there! My loving thoughts are with you and the family.

Comment from Carmelo and Antonella Anastasi:

As I visit your beautiful ucog website for the first time after several weeks, I was very sorry to learn about your daughter Rachel undergoing surgery. We hope she is doing well now. Please convey to her that we are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers.

Comment from Lisa Wetzelberger:

I’m so sorry to hear about Rachel’s health issues. I can sympathize personally and will be praying for her (and for you and your wife to be strong)!

Comment from Keri Seelig:

Please send Rachel my love. I was so sorry to hear about her having cancer. I hope she recovers from her surgery quickly.

Comment from Rolf de Jong:

Greetings from our family, wishing you and yours all the best, especially for your daughter healing and all the good from our "El Shaddai", hope to see you soon!

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