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November 23, 2008

Mommy comes home from the hospital

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Our daughter Rachel was discharged yesterday at noon, and she is glad to be back home.

Monica and I brought Rachel home from the hospital, but not before Rachel after surgery getting instructions on all the medication she has to take these next days. I think that she had more medication the last 4-5 days than she did the first nearly 30 years of her life. It seems that the pain medication is making her sick to her stomach, so she may try something else instead of what they are giving her. Granddaughter Maia is happy to have her mom home from the "hotpital", as she pronounces it. However, Maia is not allowed to "climb" on Rachel the way she normally does, but sitting on mommy’s lap is ok. For the next two weeks Rachel is not allowed to lift anything to prevent any damage to the area that was operated on. It is a big effort for her to hold her head up straight since she is favoring the left side a bit (where they removed the lymph nodes from her neck).

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