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December 26, 2008

Sabbath Bible Study

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No, the date of the entry is not wrong. It was a Bible study about the Sabbath, not on the Sabbath.

At today’s UCG-Germany winter activity we had a group Bible study on the Sabbath. Sabbath Bible Study We divided the group of 40 into 5 teams of mixed ages. There were 5 different work stations where each group then spent about 7-8 minutes considering a special aspect of the Sabbath. The five stations were titled "Work and the Sabbath", "Children and the Sabbath", "Singles and the Sabbath", "Married couples and the Sabbath" (here a distinction was made between couples where both partners are believers and couples where only one partner is a believer) and "How to keep the Sabbath (in general)". Each group wrote a comment about the subject and then moved on to the next station. There the group first had to evaluate what the previous group(s) had written by placing either a check for agreement or a question mark if there was disagreement or something unclear. After the groups had completed all five stations the entire group reviewed each station’s results. It was an interesting discussion that we had to stop after two hours because it was time for lunch. We will continue tomorrow, making it a double Sabbath Bible study. :-)

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