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January 15, 2009

"All clear" for now

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Our daughter Rachel has been given an "all clear" on her health following post operation examinations.

It has been nearly two months since Rachel had her operation for Rachel after operation thyroid cancer. After the operation she was restricted in her movement and lifting for two weeks. Then she had a treatment with radioactive iodine and was isolated from other people for a week. The radioactive iodine is used to kill thyroid cancer cells that may have spread elsewhere. After the iodine treatment she had a couple of scans to see if the cancer had spread elsewhere in her body. The good news is that she appears to be cancer-free, and we are all quite happy about that. She is still a bit sore in her right shoulder after a long day, but that is normal. She will have another exam in six months or so. Now she sports her operation scar, as she demonstrates in this photo that she took herself and posted on the internet.

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