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March 9, 2009

Back to "non-serious" publishing

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After a couple of days installing software, my new computer is up and running. It isn’t a Mac, though.

I got a good deal on a desktop PC from TigerDirect, with 4 Gig of Ram and a big SATA drive. Since I don’t do any gaming, I don’t need extra stuff which would just take up chip time as the programs rotate through their cycle. I was able to get all the desktop publishing software, etc., reinstalled from my old PC. The boot sector of the drive from the old PC was defective, but the rest of the drive functioned normally, so with the help of a USB interface I was able to download some last minute files I had not backed up the day before the old PC gave up the ghost.

Several years ago someone told me that you only do "serious" publishing work on a Mac. At the time, that was no doubt true. But things have changed, and we do all our editorial, graphics and publishing work on PCs. As a matter of fact, my PC here in Mobile is a carbon copy of the one I use in Germany, so whether I am here or there it makes no difference: everything is set up exactly the same. So after a few days of work installing software on a new PC, I am back to some "non-serious" desktop publishing to get the next issue of "Gute Nachrichten" finished by tomorrow’s deadline.

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