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March 17, 2009

The luck of the Irish (2)

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Granddaughter Maia had her 2nd birthday today, on St. Patrick’s day.

We were not Granddaughter Maia able to be in Dallas this year for Maia’s birthday today, but daughter Rachel sent us some pictures from the day’s events. As it turned out, the day was hampered a bit by Maia’s brothers Sean and Adrian not feeling well, as a round of the flu hit the Fite house in recent days. But she waited patiently for her dad to put the little cake in front of her (the picture on the right). To compensate for the lower level of activity on this day, Maia will have an outing to the Dallas zoo in a couple of days. My mother was Irish, which makes me half Irish. To me it seems appropriate that my granddaughter Maia was born on St. Patrick’s day. Her older brother Sean turned out to be something of a prophet two years ago when we were in Dallas looking after him and brother Sean while Maia was being born. Sean had predicted the very day that his sister Maia would be born – March 17th.

Comment from Maggio Reyes:

Hi Mr. Kieffer, is that Rachel’s daughter? Maia? That’s how little Rachel was when I first met her in Hamburg. Regards and may God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Answer from Paul Kieffer:

Hi Maggio, glad to hear from you! Yes, that is Rachel’s daughter. Time sure flies, that was over 20 years ago!

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