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May 14, 2009

Our kids traveled better

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My return flight to Frankfurt last night reminded me of how well our children traveled.

We dragged our children Ted and Rachel all over the place: from Germany to the USA and back and from the Philippines to the USA and back. They were flying with us when they were already quite young. Although they were tired at times, they never "threw a fit" like the young child in the row behind me did last night on the flight from Atlanta to Frankfurt. I had the aisle seat in the middle section, a row of three seats. Behind me there was a family of three, a European family. Their daughter was about two years old, I guess. About half-way through the flight she started shrieking around, thrashing and kicking against the row of seats in front of her, where yours truly was seated. This went on for an hour, and then again shortly before we landed. Not only was the child miserable, so were its parents and the surrounding passengers, including those whose seat backs got an unwanted foot massage. Our kids never did anything like that. We would not have allowed it. Sometimes the "old school" childrearing works better. :-)

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