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June 12, 2009

"Mom doesn’t have whiskers"

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That was my grandson Sean’s answer to my question this evening about whether he missed his mom.

Sean’s mom Rachel left today for Dallas with our granddaughter Maia. Sean and his brother Adrian will be spending the next two weeks with Oma and Opa (Monica and me) here in Mobile where I am enjoying a couple weeks vacation. Next week the two boys will be attending a summer camp at the Exploreum museum where Monica works. This is the first time they have been away from their mom and dad for so long, and from previous experience we know that get a little "mom and dad sick" at bedtime. So I read them a book this evening at bedtime just like their dad always does, and then I gave the boys a hug and put them into bed. When I asked Sean whether he missed his mom, he said that he did, "Mom doesn’t have whiskers and scratch him when she gives him a hug at bedtime." Okay, that explanation works. :-)

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