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June 17, 2009

Cheap entertainment

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Oma and Opa don’t have exciting electronic games at their house in Mobile.

Grandsons Sean and Adrian have to use their imagination when they visit us. Sean and Adrian in Mobile It reminds us of when we used to visit here with their mother Rachel and her brother Ted when we were living in Germany or in the Philippines. Our children had done a lot of traveling, so their grandparents seemed a bit challenged in offering them things to see and do in the city of Mobile. Sean and Adrian are now discovering some things you can do without video games, like chasing frogs around our yard and looking for turtles. Since we live on a waterfront property here, there are lots of opportunities to look at tadpoles, fish, etc. However, their latest activity is smashing ice cubes with hammers in the driveway. With the afternoon temperatures here in the high 90s these few last days (36 C), that is a refreshing break from running around the yard. And as far as entertainment goes, you can’t get much cheaper than that!

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