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June 19, 2009

"I listened to my brain"

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We had an interesting theological discussion with our grandsons today.

Somehow at breakfast the subject of the devil "and the place down below" – as Sean calls it – came up. Sean did not want to say the word "devil", so he would just spell the first three letters and then we knew what he was talking about. We explained a bit about Satan and his demons and their influence on people and how they try to get you to do bad things by putting thoughts or ideas into your head. All of a sudden Adrian piped up and said that when his mom tells him to get ready for pre-school, his brain tells him to go run and hide somewhere in the house so he won’t have to go. At 5 years old, he realizes that this is not a good thing to do, so the result of our morning theological discussion was his statement that he sometimes did bad things because he "listened to his brain" instead of obeying his mom.

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