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June 23, 2009

Grandson Adrian and Turtles

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My grandson Adrian has a thing about turtles.

One of the things about living in a wooded part of Mobile, Adrian and turtles Alabama is the "nature" you experience. Our house is within the city limits, but you would hardly know it at times. We live on a gravel road, there is no DSL or cable service because there are too few houses to make the service worthwhile for the providers, etc. But in the late spring and early summer there are plenty of turtles to be seen. Our grandson Adrian likes turtles. His "job" in the morning is to go out and get the newspaper for his great-grandpa to read. This usually happens around 6:30 a.m. or so. The other day Adrian noticed a turtle out on the road. Now that he has learned that there are turtles around here, he is on the lookout for them. When he finds one on the road, he moves it to the side of the road, usually depositing it at some location within our unfenced yard. Turtles do not remain in one place, though, unless they are hibernating, so when Adrian goes back out a few minutes later to see where "his" new turtle is, he usually discovers that it is already gone. That doesn’t matter, though, since he does not have to wait more than a day or so to find the next turtle on his daily trip to the mailbox. He might actually be finding some of the same ones from previous days, which is probably the case with the nice specimen he found on this morning’s trip to get the newspaper.

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