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July 21, 2009

Mass Accident on German Autobahn

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This kind of thing usually happens in the fall or winter when fog conditions prevail.

Germans love to drive fast on the Autobahn. On much of the Autobahn there is no speed limit, and proposing a nationwide speed limit for the Autobahn is about as helpful for a politician’s career here as taking on the NRA in the United States – don’t do it!

However, high speed driving on the Autobahn occasionally has side effects, like yesterday’s "Massenkarambolage" on the A2 Autobahn between Berlin and Hannover. Heavy rain in a thunderstorm and high speeds resulted in a 259 car smash-up with over 70 people injured, several of them in serious condition. The Autobahn was closed overnight while the wrecked cars were removed from the Autobahn. This kind of thing happens once or twice a year, but usually in the fall when fog conditions prevail and people just keep driving fast, even though they can’t see far enough ahead to be able to brake safely.

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