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August 4, 2009

Unexpected Upgrade

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Today’s flight from Frankfurt to Atlanta on Delta Airlines was more pleasant than expected.

I had forgotten to reserve a seat on the flight in advance, and I like to have an aisle seat for various reasons. So I got to the Frankfurt airport early, riding on the high-speed train connection between Siegburg and the airport. With my frequent flier status, I was pretty sure that I would still be able to get an aisle seat. When I got to the check-in counter, I asked whether I could be given an aisle seat, preferably toward the front of the economy section. The lady asked me whether seat 2F would be ok, which is the second row of the business class section. I was quite surprised to be upgraded, since I had never been upgraded on an international flight before. The flight was way oversold, and they were even offering $1000 for anyone who would volunteer to give up a seat. I would have done that, had I not needed to get to the USA for the United Church of God Council of Elders meeting. So it was a pleasant flight over to Atlanta!

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