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October 24, 2009

Last time was 35 years ago!

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The last time I did this was 35 years ago: getting off the train (subway) at the wrong stop en route to Munich.

On my trip to Munich-Garching today I got off the subway at the wrong stop. Actually the subway in Munich runs above ground for part of the route. Our new meeting hall for tomorrow’s service is in Garching, so I came down today from Troisdorf to be here on time for the 11 a.m. Bible study before the regular service. (If I left tomorrow morning, I would not make it here on time.)

Anyway, my hotel for tonight is at one of the stops along the route where the train runs above ground. I actually saw the hotel – located within walking distance from the stop – but stayed on the subway for another 2 stops before I realized I had missed my stop. So I got off and took the next train back. My only explanation is tiredness after a "blitz"-trip to Cincinnati, having left last Sunday after returning to Germany yesterday.

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