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April 8, 2010

Bothered by bronchitis

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A week’s worth of antiobiotics has enabled me to get over a terrible case of bronchitis – by far the worst one I have ever had.

I was already starting to cough a lot prior to my return flight to Germany from the USA late last month. Getting on an airplane was not the best thing to do, it seems. During the wave of "SARS" cases a few years ago I was on a flight across the Atlantic with a fellow on the plane who just keep coughing all the way. I thought he would infect me and I wondered why he didn’t stop coughing. Well, now I know. He couldn’t. When I got back to Germany I went to see my doctor. He checked my lungs and said I did not yet have pneumonia but was close to it, so he immediately prescribed antibiotics and told me to take them for a week even if my condition improved after 2-3 days. Several others told me the same thing. So I did what they said, and sure enough, after about 3 days I was doing much better and would have been tempted just to quit taking the medicine. I had never taken antibiotics for something like this before, so it was a good lesson. Glad to be back to normal now that the last day of antibiotics is over!

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