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April 27, 2010

"You have grown taller!"

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No, Mrs. Paulowitz, we both may have shrunk, but you have shrunk more than I have!

This evening Rolf Marx and I conducted the 2nd passover service 2nd passover for Mrs. Gertrud Paulowitz, a member of our Dormagen congregation (near Cologne). Mrs. Paulowitz was not able to keep the passover on the regular date last month, so she observed this memorial a month later in accordance with biblical instructions. Since she is not able to attend services regularly, I only see her about every three months or so. This evening she greeted me by telling me how much I have grown over the years. I have known Mrs. Paulowitz for some 36 years, ever since she began attending church services in Düsseldorf. Actually the one whose height has changed is Mrs. Paulowitz herself, and I jokingly told her that she had shrunk instead of me having grown. We had a nice meal before the service, and then Rolf and I went through the scriptures with her so she could partake of the bread and wine. Mrs. Paulowitz is now 89 years old and has quite an interesting background.

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