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May 27, 2010

An unusual tailwind

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Today’s flight from the Frankfurt to Atlanta was one hour and six minutes shorter than scheduled!

Normally when the flight is south of Greenland, before reaching the Canadian coastline, strong headwinds begin to slow our progress down. I don’t know if the plane was on a slightly more southerly route (as a result of recent volcanic activity in Iceland) or if it was the somewhat higher altitude at 38,000 feet, but instead of a headwind we had a tailwind of about 100 mph. Watching the progress of the flight on the "moving map" program on the monitor located at my seat, I was surprised to see the tailwind and the unusually short remaining time on the flight. The early arrival in Atlanta made it possible for me to catch the next earlier flight to Mobile, making my arrival here also one hour earlier than normal. I wasn’t complaining!

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