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June 8, 2010

Camping with the grandkids

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Time out for some serious quality time with my grand kids!

I am at Inks Lake state park in Texas, not far from Austin, with my daughter Rachel and her camping three children, Sean, Adrian and Maia (ages 9, 6 and 3). We have a "limited use" cabin near the lake (the view in the picture is from the front of our cabin towards the lake), and Opa gets to play the walrus in the lake for his grand kids. The first day was hot (in the 90s F), but the last couple of days were pleasant with temperature in the 80s. The cabin is called "limited use" because it is basically only for sleeping – it has two bunk beds and air conditioning but no indoor water. During the day we spend our time outside. There is supposed to be "quiet time" from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. at the campgrounds, so for me it is like living in a German apartment. :-)

Opa has gotten in plenty of quality time so far, throwing his grand kids around in the lake.

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