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July 15, 2010

At the ballgame with brother Ted

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A quick trip to Indiana to visit my brother Ted provided an opportunity to go to a minor league baseball game.

My brother Ted lives in South Bend, Indiana. I had not seen him for over four years, so it was time for a quick Silverhawks ballgame two-day trip to South Bend, Indiana. While there I was able to see two of my nieces and a nephew along with their children. We also went to a baseball game. The South Bend Silverhawks are a class A minor league team with the ballpark being right in the middle of South Bend. The last time I visited my brother in South Bend was about 17 years ago (I think) and we helped him pour an apron for his backyard garage. We also attended a minor league game on that trip, with Ted’s namesake (my son Ted) pouring ice down the lady’s dress who sat in front of us. Fortunately she was not at the ball game this time. Visiting from Mobile, it was interesting to see the different perception in South Bend on what hot weather is. I think it was around 90 F at game time, certainly very warm, but not as hot (or humid) as down in Mobile. :-)

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