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July 22, 2010

"Boy’s day" becomes "Kid’s day"

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With a third grandchild the special outing at Oma’s house needed a new name.

The last two summers our grandchildren Sean, Adrian and Maia Grandkids have visited us in Mobile, at the house they call "Oma’s house" (even though it is my house, too). During their visits to Mobile I have had a tradition of having a special "boy’s day" or two with my two grandsons. We take off for an outing by ourselves, like visiting the battleship U.S.S. Alabama moored as a museum in Mobile Bay and having the boys follow the three different color-coded routes through the ship. We usually finish our outing with a visit to a fast food restaurant, although daughter Rachel is not so enthusiastic about those stops. With granddaughter Maia now 3 years old and able to go along, Opa had to rename the outing from "Boy’s day" to "Kid’s day" so she could feel properly included and acknowledged. I can avoid the fast food restaurant issue by simply getting some donuts for the grandkids to eat in the park.

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